Alfa Laval FOPX series


Alfa Laval FOPX series

Alfa Laval FOPX  Oil Separator are used  for  separating solids from liquids and in purifying different types of oils. FOPX series Alfa Laval Separator does the same, while it has certain features as below:

  • FOPX  Centrifuge removes all impurities / minor particles from oil. Hence very popular with the  Oil Industry , Oil Recycling , Refining companies or Ships.
  • In industries like marine, chemical, power, food etc application.Can be used  in clarification & separation of fluids.
  • Alfa Laval FOPX Centrifugal Purifier is available for diesel purification for marine and other industries. FOPX Centrifuge is used for filtration of mineral oil and fuel oil used in power plants and in ships of various types.

Product Description

 Alfa Laval FOPX purifier is a self-cleaning disc separator.Which ranges from FOPX 605, FOPX 607, FOPX 609, FOPX 610, FOPX 613.  It works with the capacity up to 6000 liter/hour to purify and separate the dust particles and solid substances from the oil. The speed of the disk bowl is maximum at the time of separation and simultaneously the centrifugal force helps to separate the two phases of the incoming liquid and solids are removed intermittently through openings in the bowl walls.


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