ABB Turbocharger


ABB Turbocharger

The ABB range of turbochargers has a model for every two- or four-stroke diesel or gas engine in a power range from 500 kW to over 80 MW. Worldwide, more than 190,000 ABB turbochargers are in operation – on container ships and cruise ships, tankers and ice-breakers, high-speed ferries and river ships.

The ABB Turbocharging portfolio comprises a full line of both single and two-stage turbocharging technology capable of producing pressures as high as 12 bar at efficiencies as high as 75% and above. In addition, ABB turbochargers boast some of the widest compressor maps in the large engine industry, allowing both flexible adaptation of compressor output to a maximum range of load profiles in a given engine application in a given engine power range, and ensuring excellent engine response to load impositions within that load profile. On the latest engine generations, these high pressure ratios are also a key enabler of Miller Cycles of varying intensities as a means of greatly reducing NOx emissions at source, in the combustion chamber.


Product Description

Available all type of turbocharger with complete overhaul and report.


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