Mitsubishi Selfjector SJ-H Series Separator

SJ H Series
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Mitsubishi Selfjector SJ-H Series Separator

Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules (SJ-H) Series, the latest version of its series, is compact and yet offers improved fine particulate removal and higher output, thanks to Mitsubishi’s years of expertise.
With its outstanding reliability and purification performance, the Mitsubishi Selfjector Hercules (SJ-H) Series is ideal for purifying not only fuel oils and lubrication oils for vessels, but also mineral oils that are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications.


1) Purification of marine and generator engine fuel and lubricating oils.

2) Purification of waste engine oil.

3) Removal of fine solid matter from water-soluble coolants and of oil from cleaning effluent.

4) Fluid separation (mostly water and solvent) in chemical processes.

5) Purification of bone broth (removal of grease and dregs).

6) Classification of pigments, resin slurry and bentonite.



Product Description


  1. The rotating bowl employs well proven and highly reliable pilot-valve method.
  2. In addition to standard type, H-HIDENS or SUPER HIDENS (optional) systems is available for processing low-grade fuel oils (Note *1)
  3. To realize lower environmental load
  4. A gear pump fitted as standard for processing low-viscosity fuel oils
  5. Higher discharge pressure centripetal pump (25 m head) for processing light liquid enables the application of purifiers for larger vessels.
  6. Compact design requires less installation space
  7. Addition of higher-capacity models in lineups for higher-output engines


Note 1: Purifying system for low-grade fuel oils with densities up to 1.01 @15°C. As opposed to the conventional method of directly measuring the water content of purified oil, the H-HIDENS purifier is capable of detecting water in the oil accumulated in the purifier bowl, thereby preventing water from mixing in with purified oil.


Standard model (H)


  1. Water manifold solenoid valve unit.
  2. Multi-display monitor panel, showing oil flow-through rate, discharge pressure, flow-through temperature and detection of leaks.

Optional equipment

  1. Starter
  2. Auto control system (with microprocessor control, supports 3-phase separation, graphic display panel) with emergency shut-down switch (on Multi-display monitor panel).
  3. Butterfly valve
  4. Cleaning table
  5. Oil heater (electric or steam)

HIDENS model (HH)


  1. Water manifold solenoid valve unit.
  2. Auto control system (H-HIDENS specification; programmable logic control (PLC); supports 2- and 3-phase separation).
  3. Multi-display monitor panel, showing oil flow-through rate, discharge pressure, flow-through temperature, detection of leaks, discharge, and water (Note *2).
    Note 2: Does not display water content value.

Optional equipment

  1. Starter
  2. Butterfly valve
  3. Cleaning table
  4. Oil heater (electric or steam)

SUPER HIDENS (optional)

Like the H-HIDENS system, the SUPER HIDENS system can process high-gravity oils without having to replace the gravity disc. The pressure-sensor type water detection system uses an innovative automatic valve installed on top of the purifier that operates to discharge separated water in the rotating bowl, eliminating the need to operate main cylinder (valve).


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